HVAC-R Turkey | 2020 Yearly Issue

A l Sharqiyah E xpres sway that stretches from the Wilayat of Bid- bid to the Wilayat Al Kamil Wa al Wafi is now open for traffic. This road features two tunnels (first tunnel of Om- man) for vehicles, crossing the mountain range between Samail industrial area and Al Jardaa intersection according to the Ministry of Transport. The lenght of the tunnels are 680m and 1550m. In these tunnels, Aironn brand tunnel fans were preferred. In addition Aironn Company provided technical support for ventilation projects and CFD analysis. T unnel Analysis Program (TAP) was designed to solve one dimensional calculation for longitudinal ventila- tion with jet fan in road tunnel by AIRONN R&D department. As the manufacturer of ventilation systems, AIRONN has always strived to be solution partner for its cli- ents. Based on several years engineer- ing experiences, AIRONN felt the neces- sity for tunnel ventilation calculation. So that the TAP program was developed. The software provides the user the opportu- nity to  make decision about the quanti- ty and types of jet fans. One of the main aspects of the software is to solve fire situation and daily ventilation equations and compare both status and provide the solution. AIRONN provides the software source for free, and engineers can down- load and use the software from www.ai - ronn.com.tr AIRONN Official Website. standard includes test methods for the measurement of aerodynamic perfor- mance values, such as airflow rates, static and total pressure, flow rate, electrical power consumption, fan’s time-dependent rotational speed, air density, fan efficiency. This standard- design helps to create a laboratory that allows testing of products to be used in the field or the production. Many fan types such as axial, radial, centrifugal fans are tested in these test mecha- nisms. Once these products are test- ed, they are verified and the certifica- tion process is completed.” Ünal said the following about Aironn’s ongoing projects: “AMCA 300-14 Re- verberation Room Design, AMCA 250- 12 Jet Fan Impulse Assembly Accredita- tion are among our ongoing projects. We also develop new products and machine designs. Within the scope of TÜBİTAK 1507 incentive, the Reverberation Room we have been working on for a year is a very ground-breaking project. It is on its way to becoming the largest Reverbera- tion Room in Turkey that can measure the acoustic of the fans with the largest diameter, and flow at a frequency of 50 Hz and is about to be completed.” Aironn Produced Tunnel Fans for Umman Tunnels Tunnel Analysis Program (TAP) 7 2020 News