HVAC-R Turkey | 2020 Yearly Issue

BACADER, Association of Chimney Manufacturers and Builders www.bacader.org ÇEDBİK, Turkey Green Building Council www.cedbik.org DOSİDER, Association of Natural Gas Appliances Industrialists and Businessmen www.dosider.org ESSİAD, Aegean Refrigeration Manufacturers and Businessmen Association www.essiad.org.tr GÜNDER, International Solar Energy Society - Turkish Section www.gunder.org.tr ISKAV, Heating, Cooling, Air-Conditioning Research and Education Foundation www.iskav.org.tr İSEDA, The Turkish Society of HVACR Training, Consulting and Research www.iseda.org.tr İSİB, Turkish HVAC-R Industry Exporters Union www.turkishhvacrindustry.com İSKİD, Heating Cooling Air Conditioning Manufacturers’Association www.iskid.org.tr İZODER, Association of Thermal, Sound Insulation and Water Proofing Materials Suppliers and Producers www.izoder.org.tr KBSB, Boilers and Pressure Vessels Manufacturers’Association www.kbsb.org.tr MMO, Chamber of Mechanical Engineers www.mmo.org.tr MTMD, Mechanical Constractors’Association www.mtmd.org.tr POMSAD, Turkish Pump and Valve Manufacturers’Association www.pomsad.org.tr SOSİAD, Association of Refrigeration Industry Businesspeople www.sosiad.org.tr TMMOB, Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects www.tmmob.org.tr TTMD, Turkish Society of HVAC&Sanitary Engineers www.ttmd.org.tr TürkMMMB, Association of Turkish Consulting Engineers and Architects www.tmmmb.org.tr 72 2020 Associations & Chambers