HVAC-R Turkey | 2020 Yearly Issue

Our company was established in İstanbul, 2019, is engaged in the production and sale of metal and rubber expansion joints, braided / unbraided stainless steel flexible metal hoses. Expansion joints: DN32-DN1000 Stainless Flexible Metal Hoses: DN6-DN50 (with or without braid) We can work as standard or custom production. It can be used for all kinds of stainless steel products that are possible to manufacture and use. Our sub-product groups for expansion joints: • Metal or rubber vibration absorbers • Axial expansion joints • Lateral expansion joints • Angular expansion joints Our product sub-groups for stainless flexible metal hoses: • Sleeve, nipple, flange, weld neck, threaded weld neck ended hoses • Sprinkler hoses • Fan-Coil hoses Our products are prepared in accordance with the required specifications and standards for industrial applications, ship- building construction, chemical or petrochemical plants. TUBLEX www.tublex.com.tr Companies & Products