HVAC-R Turkey | 2020 Yearly Issue

www.thermoway.com.tr THERMOWAY THERMAL DEVICES Thermoway Thermal Devices has been established by Turkish- Italian cooperative in İstanbul, Turkey. Our company which has been established via 25 years sectoral acknowledgement, starts being a global player and local & global market preference. Our firm, prioritizes the cost, quality, due date and customer satisfaction along with adopting heat and energy efficiency, environment protection and apparent sale progress. Thermoway aims for fast growth and providing high amount and quality employment. Thermoway is specialized in copper tube – aluminum fin type heat exchangers such as evaporators, condensers, blast freez- ers, dry coolers, condensing units, tailor-made coils and much more. With 12.000sqm closed production area, our products are able to reach more than 38 countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa & Asia. Thanks to our high quality focus and confi- dence about products, we are certified by CE, EAC and manu- facturing according to directives of ISO 9001:2015. For more information about us and our products, feel free to visit our website and try our standard product selection pro- gram without any restrictions. 67 2020 Companies & Products