HVAC-R Turkey | 2020 Yearly Issue

Refkar was established to offer technologically-advanced and high-quality products for the cooling industry in 2008. Company was first established with 300 m 2 operating space and 2 employees based on a long experience oganized in a new structure and within years moved to its new plant with 2800 m 2 indoor space, with its more than 30 employees. Choosing to specialize about heat exchanger production, Refkar is now one of the few companies producing equip- ment for HVAC industry. Since the year it was established, Refkar kept investing to keep up with technological inno- vations; making investments for machinery, softwares and seeing its employees as solution partners invests to its em- ployees as well. Refkar is an environment-friendly company with an ecologic conscious and works to impose this to everyone. Refkar embraces reliability, quality, technological competence and mutual responsibility as its key values. Seeing Refkar’s cus- tomers as their business partners “we will work hard to pro- vide better service and top-quality products for our business partners” companies chairman Şant Özbülbül says. Refkar participated to AHR EXPO exhibition this year and will be participating to Climate World, Revac Expo & Forum, Mega Clima Nigeria, Chillventa exhibitions as well to meet their clients and display their latest products with Turkish hospitality. REFKAR www.refkar.com 63 2020 Companies & Products