HVAC-R Turkey | 2020 Yearly Issue

KARYER HEAT EXCHANGERS www.karyergroup.com KARYER is one of the leading manufacturers & exporters of Heat Exchangers, Evaporators and Condensers capa- ble of realizing both serial and custom projects. Our 42 years of experience enables us to export  75 countries in 6 continents (mainly in Europe) by ISO 9001:2015, CE, UL, EUROVENT, PED, EAC certified standards, while 60% of our turnover is obtained from export sales. KARYER won the İSİB Successful Exporters Awards in two separate categories in 2019. KARYER was nominated as the First company that ‘’Exports Most Heat Exchangers’’ among heat exchanger manufacturers and the third company that ‘’Exports to Most Countries” in Refrigeration and Air- conditioning industry. The product range of KARYER contains Heating & Cooling Coils, DX- Evaporators, Condenser Coils, Unit Coolers, Blast Freezers, Air Cooled Condensers, Air Coolers, Con- densing Units (w/o compressor), Dry Coolers, Oil Coolers and Air to Air Heat Recovery Heat Exchangers. KARYER is mainly specialized in Copper tube / Aluminum finned heat exchangers. Our company also works on design, development and production of heat exchangers compatible with refrigerating and air-conditioning gases such as R 290 Propane, R 600a Isobutane, HC’s and CO 2 in addition to conventional gases. Additionally, serial production of Alu- minum tube and Aluminum finned heat exchangers are also manufactured.  62 2020 Companies & Products