HVAC-R Turkey | 2020 Yearly Issue

www.frigoterm.com.tr FRİGOTERM SOĞUTUCU CİHAZLAR SAN. VE TİC. A.Ş. Frigoterm was established in 1970 by Mr. Kadir Fikret Akdoğan to meet refrigaration industry manufactures – exporters needs which are refrigeration parts (compressor, cooling fans, axial fans) and components (driers, thermostats, valves, controllers etc.) We are the sole distributor and exclusive agent of world refrigeration equipments and components manufacturers TECUMSEH, ELCO, AKO, REFNOX, MOOWEX and I-COLD in TURKEY. We have been working with air drier, central and split unit systems, cold rooms, kitchenhood equipments, supermarket display cabinet and bottle cooler manufacturer companies. Frigoterm has been distributing of its products to his customers directly or through dealers locally or worldwide. Our company has been and will continue it’s activities as a trust worthy brand in the industry without abandoning its priciples and will always be with his partners. 61 2020 Companies & Products