HVAC-R Turkey | 2020 Yearly Issue

www.espasogutma.com.tr ESPA SOĞUTMA Espa Soğutma is a refrigeration company being active in the Turkish HVAC&R market since 1987 with the branch and storage in İstanbul and the head office and the storage in Ankara. Espa is representing more than 25 reliable brands exclusively in Turkey, in Middle East and Balkanians. Having a reputation as a reliable supplier in the Turkish market, we also is at the disposal for fulfilling the component, machine and units requirements through high quality products. As last project 28 pcs. Contronics Dry Mist systems which represented exclusively by Espa were installed at NGA Bravo Supermarket with 12,623 m 2 closed area in Baku, Azerbaijan. Additionally, Espa have CO 2 tank refrigeration systems were installed in Egypt and Libya, water cooling units were installed as using Hanbell Screw Compressors which also represented exclusively by Espa in Morocco and Mauritania and refrigeration groups installation with grooved tube and blasting condencer prepared with Gea Bock, Hanbell and Daikin Compressors which are represented also by Espa in Macedonia and Poland. ® 60 2020 Companies & Products