HVAC-R Turkey | 2020 Yearly Issue

F riterm has been awarded at the BREEAM Very Good certificate with its production facility established in Dilovası Machinery Specilization Or- ganized Industrial Zone. Metin Tekeler, Friterm Maintanence Supervisor, provid- ed information about the certification process and innovations of Friterm in this regard, stated that: “In the certifi- cation process carried out many differ- ent criteria, many factors such as build- ing management, energy efficiency, land T he Industrial Energy Efficiency meeting, organized in cooperation by the Consulate of Sweden and the Swedish Trade Office, brought to- gether the Swedish companies operat- ing in Turkey with Turkish industrialists. The platform, which enables Turkish companies to hold bilateral meetings with Swedish companies, which are the world leaders in the field of energy effi- ciency, helped the companies of the two countries to develop joint projects. Swe- den, which attaches great importance to energy efficiency, organized an event ti- tled Energy Efficiency in Industry in or- der to share its activities with Turkish industry and contribute to the develop- ment of joint projects. In this context, officials from ABB, Atlas Copco, Arlight, NEDERMAN, SKF and Systemair HSK which operate and continue their invest- ments, met with Turkish industrialists through making presentations regard- ing their activities. The Swedish Consu- late General and the Swedish Trade Of- fice Business Sweden, which provide solutions for energy efficiency and ex- change of ideas with face to face meet- ings by bringing together Swedish com- panies, with leading Turkish industrial companies and energy efficiency consul- tancy companies, reported that new col- laborations emerged at the end of the meetings and many companies took ac- tion to carry out joint projects in the field of energy efficiency. use and ecology, transportation, mate- rials and pollution were evaluated. The systems that will provide maximum ef- ficiency in line with the energy mode- ling applied in the design phase were preferred. As Friterm, one of the is- sues we’ve attached great importance to when designing our new factory was the lighting automation. In regards to heat recovery, our factory offers impor- tant solutions related to energy saving. While building insulation, which is de- signed to minimize the emission of heat outside, plays an important role in en- ergy saving, we transfer the energy ob- tained from the sun to the environment ensure that the incoming air is preheat- ed with solar energy by using fresh air with Solarwall technology built on an area of 380 m 2 on the southeast side of the production facility. Furthermore, we achieve heat gain thanks to our heat recovery system. Thanks to the special heat recovery module of the Compres- sor Ekobox Heat Recovery System, we use the heat caused by compressor compressing the air by heating our wa- ter. The energy recovery system allows us to obtain hot water up to +75°C de- pending on the usage and load of the compressor. We also use this heat en- ergy in heating.” Emphasizing that we are in danger of extinction of natural wa- ter resources, Metin Tekeler stated that most of the water use is provided from rainwater except the summer months with the rain water tank and siphon- ic system inside the facility. The facili- ty, where gray water can be reused by passing through certain filters, is also sensitive to the environment through pedestrian and bicycle roads outside the building. Friterm Dilovasi Production Plant Has Been Certified by BREEAM Very Good Certificate Level Turkish Industry is in Cooperation with the Word Leader Sweden on Energy Efficiency 4 2020 News