HVAC-R Turkey | 2020 Yearly Issue

www.cukurovaisi.com ÇUKUROVA ISI Çukurova Isı had been established in the first quarter of 1991 to serve in the field of industrial heating by means of low intensity radiant heaters, which are generally used to heat large buildings such as factories, aircraft hangers, warehouses that are difficult to heat. In the course of years, Çukurova Isı has expanded the area of work from low intensity radiant heaters to high intensity radiant heaters, from tubes to ceramics, from gas to electrical ones, from space heating to process heating depending upon the need risen in the market. Çukurova Isı has always been the pioneer in the market and held the leader position. GOLDSUN is the trademark of Çukurova Isı that is used for high intensity heaters which have been manufactured since the year 2000. Under the brand name of GOLDSUN, Çukurova Isı first started to manufacture electrical high intensity infrared heaters and then gas fired ceramic plaque heaters. GOLDSUN HIGH INTENSITY INFRARED HEATERS Custom Design Reflectors The parabolic reflector of Supra plus and Supra series, has been designed and developed in our laboratories and is shown to enhance heating efficiency by 28%. Reflecting 99% of the rays towards the target, SUPRA PLUS and SUPRA series helps the environment by means of minimum energy loss. AQUA’s cus- tom designed reflector better focuses the heat, creating the intense heat output needed under parasols and pergolas. For the Nova series, deep reflector design provides wider heating coverage without loss of perfonmance . High End Quality - High End Design All the parts used in our SUPRA PLUS and SUPRA series are made of rustproof and robust materials for long life. The SU- PRA PLUS and SUPRA range will not exhibit any sign of degre- dation or deterioration even in the harshest of environmental conditions. Being fashionably designed it will fit into the esthet- ics of the most elegantly designed restaurant or cafe and will not disturb the eye while its struggle with the cold, keeping your customers comfortable and warm. Thanks to AQUA’s aluminium and stainless steel body parts, no matter how hard the external conditions are, Aqua series do not show even a glimpse of wear or loss of its esthetic looks. Due to its compact design it is easy to install and easy to operate. IP55 Weather Proof Do not let the hard weather conditions interrupt your business! Thanks to its IP55 rated water protection, Goldsun SUPRA PLUS, SUPRA and AQUA creates a comfortable ambient even under pooring rain. High Capacity Ranges It is much easier to determine the best intensity to create a warm enviroment with various capacities of Goldsun heaters changing from 1500W-4000W. As high ceilings, strong winds will not be a problem. GOLDSUN GAS FIRED OUTDOOR HEATERS 2-Stage Combustion System: Goldsun Elite and Performa series of high intensity ceramic plaque heaters are equipped with double-stage (2-Stage) com- bustion system which enables the user to adjust the comfort level of heating using high-low option. Ease of Installation: Goldsun Elite and Performa heaters can easily be installed to many different locations on the walls or ceiling by means of specially designed brackets supplied with the heater. Unique Wind Resistance (Elite): With the translucent ceramic glass panel and double ioniza- tion electrodes construction, engineered in house by experi- enced Cukurova’s team, incoming wind currents are completely blocked, resulting Elite series heaters have no problem in oper- ation with this unique wind protection (up to 20 km/h of wind). Moreover, as the burner is fired, this translucent ceramic glass panel is heated immediately becoming an effective emitting sur- face of the radiant energy, so that wider areas can be heated comfortably in a few minutes with a soft reddish lumination. Wind Resistance (Performa Series): Goldsun Performa heaters’ sheltered structure allows them to run smoothly without losing efficiency even in winds of up to 14 km/h. The high temperature-resistant, decorative stainless steel wind shield installed in front of the ceramic burner and the ionization electrodes settled on both ends ensure reliable start and smooth operation of the burner by banning wind cur- rents effectively. Aesthetic Design: Goldsun Elite & Performa heaters are both designed aestheti- cally so that they may be used preferably in a variety of areas, such as cafés, restaurants, patios, pergolas and winter gardens. The heaters may fit very well architecturally to nice looking and elegant constructions resulting to be one of the most preferred heaters by architects and property owners. Deflector: A specially designed “heat shield” (“deflector”) may be mounted (optional) to reduce the distance to combustibles providing safer usage of the heater under all type of fire-sensitive awnings, canopies or pergolas. Remote Control: Up to 16 heaters can easily be controlled with a single remote controller unit. (Original remote control unit included with the heater) German Made Ceramic Tiles: To be able to supply the highest combustion efficiency and heat- ing performance available in the market, German made high qual- ity ceramic tiles and stainless grates are used within the construc- tion of the burner of Goldsun Elite & Performa heaters. Reflector: With the design developed within Cukurova’s Lab, the reflec- tors of Goldsun Elite and Performa heaters emit the radiant en- ergy focusing the area to be heated rapidly and more efficiently. 57 2020 Companies & Products