HVAC-R Turkey | 2020 Yearly Issue

www.bvnair.com BVN VENTILATION SYSTEMS & ELECTRICAL MOTORS BVN, founded in 1990, carries out design, production and R&D activities of its ventilations fans and motors within its own organization and brings them together with compa- nies in international platforms. BVN offers 100% Turkish made products with its principle of production in the high- est international standards to Fire and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) sector and other sectors by combining its professional staff and flexible production capability and looking out for the cost and benefit balance of its business partners. We offer fast, reliable and accurate suggestions to our customers to whom we provide solution partnership even under the most challenging and limited conditions thanks to our experienced engineering team. We always put cus- tomer satisfaction first by finding alternative solution op- portunities to reach the optimum result that serves the same purpose. We invite you to the world of ventilation, and we provide you with the best solution to make your residential and industrial areas more reliable and comfortable. The headquarters and factory of BVN are located in Hadımköy, İstanbul. Ventilation fans and electric motors with external rotors are manufactured in our factory. Our total production area is 30.000 m 2 and we render services in the fields of Production, R&D, Design and Project De- signing with our 400 expert employees. We manufacture 600.000 pieces of Electrical Motors and 680.000 pieces of Ventilation Fans each year. Technology and innovation pioneer BVN, was one of the pioneers in the world who prepared the BIM Objects for all models. Engineers from many different parts of the world can now easily use BVN models in project work. BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a platform used as intelligent building modelling for all products of BVN, modeling was completed at the end of a long and hard work and started to be published in international libraries. DUCT FANS Circular Duct Fans Rectangular and Square Duct Fans Kitchen Exhaust Fans Cabinet Fans HEAT RECOVERY DEVİCES Ceiling Type Heat Recovery Devices Heaters SHELTER FANS Shelter Fans Filtered Duct Fans ROOF FANS Horizontal Outlet Roof Fans Vertical Outlet Roof Fans EXPROOF FANS Duct Type Exproof Fans Roof Type Exproof Fans Axial Exproof Fans EC FANS Duct Type EC Fans Roof Type EC Fans THERMO FANS Jet Fans Smoke Exhaust Ventilations Systems Kitchen Exhaust Fans AXIAL FANS Cooling Fans Pressuration Fans Industrial Axial Fans Ventilations & Aspirations RADIAL FANS Industrial Radial Fans Single Inlet Radial Fans Double Inlet Radial Fans Components BATHROOM FANS Axial Bathroom Fans Radial Bathroom Fans PRODUCT PORTFOLIO 56 2020 Companies & Products