HVAC-R Turkey | 2020 Yearly Issue

www.boreasklima.com Boreas Inc. has been distributing the Samsung VRF units since 2002 through the sales organization established in 12 different countries and continuing the production and sales of central air conditioning units at the factory of 10.000 sqm production area in İstanbul since 2014. Boreas Inc. has been fully owned by Acik Group on 24 th March 2017 due to the strategies developed in order to create new company vision, sustainable growth and permanent advantages. The reason for the change in structure of the company is to increase the product range, effectiveness of sales and after-sales activities with strong capital structure and dy- namic organization without compromising the quality of services. Boreas Inc. is going to make difference in HVAC markets with the production of complete range of air han- dling units certified by Eurovent with the highest Eurovent values, compact type heat recovery units and the sales of chillers, fan coil units and Samsung VRF units. BOREAS THE NEW GENERATION AIR HANDLING UNIT Modular Steel Air Handling Unit Eurovent Range BRS 15.06.010 Class TB1, T2, D1, L1, F9 The first objective in designing BOREAS, was to create a product that would eliminate all negative aspects and carry all positive aspects of the previous generation air handling units. Consequently, a structure with minimal energy losses, capable of trouble free operation in critical climate conditions, with high resistance values against varying loads that may be exerted on the housing structure, with higher structural values than Aluminum housing were determined as design inputs for the New Generation Air Handling Unit BOREAS, and the design of BOREAS was completed. Panel Structure Provides trouble-free performance, and hygienic and ex- tended life cycle in critical climate conditions by using gal- vanized steel sheet of 1mm thickness for outer skin and 0.8mm inner skin. The typical insulation is provided by using 50 mm rock wool with 70 kg/m³ density. An optional insulation by using 50 mm polyurethane materials with 40 kg/m³ applied through injection is available as well. Frame Structure A frame that has higher mechanical strength than that of an aluminum frame structure is achieved through using box profiles manufactured from galvanized steel material. Due to fact that the material has a much lower heat trans- fer factor and splitting inner and outer surfaces it ensures a TB1 Thermal Bridge Free class according to EN 1886 by preventing the formation of thermal bridges at the pane BOREAS INC. TB1 CLASS THERMAL BRIDGING-FREE AIR-HANDLING UNIT 55 2020 Companies & Products