HVAC-R Turkey | 2020 Yearly Issue

for that reason, which we can continue developing while facing each new re- quirement. There are several versions and variations of this software. The var- iation of product selection software di- rectly offered to the clients is rather comprehensive. The selection of stand- ard products is made by using this soft- ware. Another variation of the software is the professional design tool which we supply to our OEM (Original Equip- ment Manufacturer) customers in order to use in their own design work named as FrtCoils®. Its most important ad- vantage is that when it is required to introduce new fluid (oil, refrifgerant) or when it is required for the adaptation of new technologies since it is our own software, we can develop it in a short while and we can also realize very spe- cific designs with this software. The laboratory division of Friterm R&D Department; is a place, where the re- quired experiments are done when the experimental data is needed. Our soft- ware is verified with the tests done here. We have two test laboratories. Herein, the product tests are done, the comparison between the software calculations and test results are intro- duced in the software as an improve- ment study. Thus more precise calcu- lations are made possible. On the other side, the concept of Digi- tal Transformation is a process where, like in the agenda of the world, Frit- erm is also started up and proceed- ing forward. As Friterm, we took the first step in the way of digitalization with our products. We carry out our studies on production lines. Afterward, our business model will be handled. We did a very effective digitalization study on dry coolers. The gratest risk in a dry cooler is the pos- sibility of freezing, whereas to prevent this, an anti-freeze is added to the sys- tem. The ratio of anti-freeze may dimin- ish by time. If our device is working in a cold climate and if this risk is high, it should be able to inform the danger to the service department or resolve it by its own technology. Our studies on this subject are ongoing. After our field tests, this technology will be available in the market. We should also mention our BIM (Build- ing Information Modelling) Library within the context of our digitization studies. System Designers can use BIM mod- eling of our products. These studies will be added to BIM Library on which the studies are ongoing by ISKAV (Re- search and Training Foundation for Heating Cooling Air-Conditioning). The concept of Digital Transformation is a process where, as in the agenda of the world, likewise where Friterm is situated inside and moving forward. 48 2020 Interview