HVAC-R Turkey | 2020 Yearly Issue

he simplest level of R&D activities is engineering studies aiming at product improvement and develop- ment; this is the “R&D Activity” which is implemented in line with this direc- tion in Turkey at most. The companies can carry out this within their struc- tures. Together with the amendments made in the Law on the Support for Research, Development and Designing Activities and in its Implementing Reg- ulation, which would encourage R&D activities much more a positive environ- ment could be ensured. With the R&D reform, the minimum number of R&D staff required to become an R&D Cent- er is reduced to 15 persons, the min- imum number of Design Center staff is reduced to 10 persons. In the past, though it was not allowed to establish an R&D Center in Technology Devel- opment Zones (TGB), this limitation is annulled with the new regulation. To- day, thanks to other incentives such as R&D and design reduction, income tax incentive, subsidy for employer share in insurance premium, stamp duty ex- ception, customs exception, the num- ber of R&D and Design Centers in Tur- key exceeded above 1500. The highest number of R&D Centers is in İstanbul (422) on the province basis. In the HVAC&R sector, there is a total of 13 R&D Centers. It is a fact that there is a so serious state support for the development of R&D. In this process, the locomotive institution is TÜBİTAK (Turkish Scien- tific and Technological Research Foun- dation). There are R&D and innovation supports also by KOSGEB (Small and Medium Industry Development Organiza- tion) too yet, TÜBİTAK supports provide an opportunity, where more long-term projects could be realized in cooperation with universities. Our sector companies can benefit from these supports and put forward a good project and turn it into a project that would develop the techno- logical/scientific knowledge and experi- ence of the company and strengthen its innovation culture. The next phase of R&D, which is tech- nology development studies are the studies, which should receive support and reference from more extensive and Hüseyin Onbaşıoğlu R&D Center Executive at Friterm T “The Number of R&D and Design Center in Turkey exceeded above 1500” 46 2020 Interview