HVAC-R Turkey | 2020 Yearly Issue

Determining the right strategies for the southern countries ithin the REHVA structure, there is a committee called TRC ( Techno l og y and Research Committee). Task Force works under this committee. Within the framework of each activity period of REHVA, 8 to 10 task forces create their projects on their subjects, with experts in their fields for the production of information on an international scale. At the 7 th Climamed congress held in REHVA has published the first part of “nZEB Design Strategies for Residential Buildings in Med- iterranean Regions” guide. We received information about the “Nearly Zero Energy Buildings” and the REHVA Guide from Prof. Dr. Ahmet Arısoy, the President of the task force formed of aca- demics and industry professionals from four Mediterranean countries who prepared the guide... 2013, the idea to set up to a task force to work on nZEB designs and strategies suitable for the Mediterranean climate was put forward. We established a task force with the guidance of Stefano Paolo Corgnati, REHVA’s President at the time . They found me eligible to as the head of this task force. We held Clima 2010, Climamed 2013 Congresses in Turkey and Turkey’s effectiveness in REHVA was very noticeable. Therefore, it was deemed appropriate for us to take an active part in the Task Forces and one of these forces to be managed W Prof.Dr. Ahmet Arısoy: The first part of nZEB Design Strategies for Residential Buildings in Mediterranean Regions has come out” “ 40 2020 Interview