HVAC-R Turkey | 2020 Yearly Issue

İSİB News HVAC&R 2019 Fair in Pakistan, Intercli- ma 2019 in France and Aclima 2019 in Israel. We also hosted purchasers from various countries as part of our pur- chase delegation organizations as part of ISK Sodex 2019. We also sent trade delegations to Egypt, Peru, Colombia, Poland, South Africa, Finland and Nor- way to enter new markets. Among other fairs that we attended with an information booth were Aquatherm Moscow 2019 in Russia, ACREX 2019 in India, Climate World Fair in Russia, Aquatherm Kiev in Ukraine, West Afri- ca HVAC Expo in Nigeria, ISH Fair in Germany, Innoprom Fair in Russia, and the Big 5 Fair in Dubai. These fairs pro- vided a chance to promote the Turk- ish HVAC&R sector. The representa- tives of Turkish firms attending these fairs also had the opportunity to con- duct business meetings in İSİB’s infor- mation booths. Our Association also organized “HVAC&R Sector Promotion Days” in Ghana and Nigeria to ensure effective promotion of our sector in world mar- kets. These programs also featured trainings and B2B meetings. İSİB also sponsored the ASHRAE SR1 Meeting in Jordan, where the Turkish HVAC&R Sec- tor was promoted as well. İSİB has also worked on 2020 calen- dar that includes various events to en- sure that the Turkish HVAC&R sector achieves a sustainable increase in ex- ports and a higher reputability around the world. This year, we are going to or- years have seen a considerable in- crease in foreign capital investments. Turkey is currently the market leader in Europe with its capacity for split air con- ditioner production. It is number 1 in the world in production capacity of radi- ators and towel racks. We are targeting to have similar achievements in other product groups such as cooling, instal- ment, insulation and ventilation where the goal is to be among the top 10 pro- ducers in the world. İSİB’s biggest added value to the sec- tor is to conduct efficient and sustain- able communication and promotion. Our aim is to increase the reputability of Turkish HVAC&R sector around the world, and contribute to a continuous increase in exports. In this vein, İSİB is closely watching the world markets and establish the best solutions for the sector. One of the examples of such endeav- ours came in the form of a guidebook on cooling, ventilation, heating, instal- ment and insulation materials. The guidebook contained information on import and export values in addition to briefings on what we do in which coun- try, what share we have, and what else we should do. Thanks to this guide- book, our companies are able to plan their export activities in different coun- tries. In the end, if we try to reach our goals through strategic planning, and utilize our competitive power in labour costs, the sector’s exports will increase. We are fully motivated and working towards this objective. More Sectoral Delegations Organized in 2019 İSİB had a very hectic schedule in 2019 and organized numerous trade and pur- chase delegations, sectoral promotion days and participation of national del- egations in various fairs with a view to bring together Turkish companies with importers around the world and increase the sector’s recognisability around the world. We organized participation of a national delegation in various fairs where there is a high potential to increase our ex- ports. Such fairs included the likes of ganize several “HVAC&R Sector Promo- tion Days” around the world including the ones in Kenya (10-14 February); An- gola (5-7 May); Ethiopia (2-5 June); Al- geria (15-18 September); and Senegal (1-4 December). We are also going to organize the par- ticipation of a national delegation in HVAC&R 2020 Fair in Pakistan (26- 28 March 2020); ARBS Fair in Mel- bourne, Australia (19-21 May 2020); REVAC 2020 Fair in Malaysia (23-25 June 2020). We will have information booths in Aquatherm Moscow 2020 (11-14 Feb- ruary); Poland Ventilation Forum (3-4 March), Climate World Fair (Moscow, 10-13 March), Aquatherm Kiev (12-15 May), West Africa HVAC Expo (Nigeria, 9-11 July) and HVAC & Insulation Expo (Ghana, 10-12 November). İSİB will also organize many “Trade Del- egations” in 2020 including the ones in Sao Paulo, Brasilian industrial hub, and Colombian capital Bogota in early July; Hungary on 21-22 April; South Africa in late September simultaneously with the ASHRAE RAL CRC; Kuwait and Qatar in early October; and in Birmingham, one of the prominent industrial cities in Eng- land, toward the end of the year. Turkey will be the Partner Country in MCE 2020 The highlight of this year, however, will be our participation in one of the sec- tor’s biggest fairs, Mostra Conveg- no Expocomfort, as the Partner Coun- try. The fair will take place on 17-20 March 2020 in Milano, where Turkish HVAC&R Sector will have a strong pres- ence. Based on our experiences in ISH Frankfurt two years ago, where Turkey was a partner country, I firmly believe that MCE 2020 will be a great success story for us. We have also organized bilateral meet- ings with purchasing delegations as part of ISK SODEX 2019, one of the big- gest fairs of the Turkish HVAC&R sector. Our goal is to stand in unity and solidar- ity to ensure sustainable success. We will continue to cooperate and bear our sector’s flag in all corners of the world through sectoral trade delegations and B2B meetings. 39 2020