HVAC-R Turkey | 2020 Yearly Issue

ume is worth 1,4 billion US dollars, and Turkey’s share within this volume is only 1,12%. The objective is, according to Mr. Aydın, is to increase Turkey’s share. The market is largely dominated by Chi- na, Mr. Aydın said: “Nigerian market is also important for Africa in general. The country has a population of 200 million people. It is one of the biggest econ- omies in the region. Our visit to Nige- ria has revealed that there is a con- siderable interest in Turkish products among Nigerian sectoral representa- tives. Around 300 sector representative attended the B2B meetings and semi- nars we organized. It was the most com- prehensive and crowded organization of its kind that İSİB have had”. Mr. Aydın also said that certain HVAC&R products are manufactured in the region, but there is still a significant amount of imports: “We regard Nigeria as a very important market for Turkish HVAC&R Exporters. They know us, and they have favourable opinions about us. We need to put in great effort to increase our ex- port share in the market. “Three months ago, we attended the Mega Clima Fair, which was also or- ganized here. 6 Turkish HVAC&R com- panies had information booths in this fair. There were also Turkish firms out- side the sector that were present in the fair. We have invited out newly estab- lished contacts in Nigeria –both through the fair, trainings and B2B meetings- to ISK – Sodex Fair to be held in İstanbul on 2-5 October. We expect a consider- able number of attendees from this re- gion. Nigerian Chapter of ASHRAE, the biggest organization of the sector on a global scale, helped us with the organi- zation in the country.” Participating Companies • Bigtem Makine A.Ş • Çözüm Endüstriyel Soğutma Sistemleri • Deser Kimya • ALP Pompa Teknolojileri • Frigo Mekanik • Friterm • Gökçeler Soğutma • Kingspan Panel • KLS Klima • Messan Soğutma • Refkar Soğutma ve Isı Transfer Cihazları • Savaşlar Tesisat Taahhüt • Sunstream Damla Sulama Sistemleri • Tanpera A.Ş • Termodizayn Termik Cihazlar • Ulpatek Filtre Sanayi ISK-SODEX Purchase Delegation Attracts Intensive Interest Turkish HVAC&R Exporters Association brought together a purchase delegation with 133 companies from 43 countries as part of the ISK-SODEX Fair, which was organized for the 14th time this year. The organization was held in Tüyap Palas Otel where hundreds of local and foreign sector representatives came to- gether. Local and foreign companies which were very much interested in the organization had a chance to establish cooperation by means of B2B meetings. Mr. Mehmet Şanal, President of İSİB Board of Directors, delivered a speech at the event, underlining that there are sectoral representatives from 43 differ- ent countries present at the occasion. Expressing his satisfaction at the great interest in the fair, the President said this has been so far the biggest organ- ization of its kind: “B2B meetings will continue throughout the fair. Visitors and participants are welcome to use İSİB’s information booth. I wish success to all the participants and representa- tives in the biggest fair of our sector.” Mr. Naci Şahin, Eurovent Term Presi- dent, also delivered a speech in which he referred to Eurovent Association’s services in provision of certificates and standards in the sector, stating also that the Association will continue to work for the development of the sector. Mr. Şahin also said that Eurovent Asso- ciation also has an important role in de- veloping commerce between Europe and Turkey, and that Turkey is an important bridge between Europe and Asia. Mr. Şahin also said that there will be a special sectoral organization as part of the Eurovent Summit to be held in Antalya in 2020 jointly by Eurovent and İSKİD. İSİB Organizes National Participation to Interclima + Elec 2019 Fair İSİB aims to have the sector reach an export figure of around 5 billion dollars at the end of 2019. In line with this aim of İSİB, 11 Turkish firms participated in national participation organization to In- terclima + Elec 2019, which is a Heat- ing, Cooling and Climatization Fair. Vice Chairman of Turkish HVAC&R Exporters Association (İSİB) S. Zeki Poyraz com- mented on France market and Intercli- ma + Elec 2019 Fair and said “As İSİB, we aim to increase the share of Turk- ish HVAC&R sector’s products in ex- port markets. In this context, Europe- an Union countries, which are among the largest economies of the world, are at high priority orders among our target markets. For this reason, participating in fairs in France is quite important for strengthening existing cooperations, es- tablishing sustainable commercial rela- tions and developing new cooperations, with which we have a significant trade volume. In the discussions we had with the Turkish participant firms, we ob- tained the information that important meetings were held in the fair and inter- est was at a satisfactory level.’’ İSİB News 37 2020