HVAC-R Turkey | 2020 Yearly Issue

İSİB News market. 85 companies from 15 coun- tries attended the fair which featured water systems, instalment materials, cooling systems, air conditioning and ventilation equipment. İSİB had an infor- mation booth at the fair for visitors. İSİB therefore facilitated commercial talks between Turkish companies and Nigeri- an purchasers with the support of Enter- prise Europe Network, of which Ankara Chamber of Commerce and Nigeria-Bel- gium Chamber of Commerce are also members. İSİB also undertook several activities to promote Turkish HVAC&R sector in the information booth, which turned into a meeting point for sectoral representatives from Turkey and abroad. Turkish HVAC&R Exporters Association is taking sound steps in Africa, which has recently been included in the Asso- ciation’s target markets. In line with the overall objective, İSİB organizes trade delegations, HVAC&R sector promotion days and fairs in order to become an ef- fective player in the market, establish permanent and sound relations, and reach out to new markets for Turkish HVAC&R companies. South African HVAC&R Market Under Spotlight Turkish HVAC&R Exporters Association (İSİB) has sent a Sectoral Trade Del- egation to Johannesburg, South Afri- ca. 23 İSİB-Member companies were represented in the delegation. İSİB is working towards expanding the export markets and promote Turkish HVAC&R products in distant markets. To this end, the Association has defined South Afri- ca, which was being closely watched for some time, as one its target markets. The delegation was chaired by Cem Savcı, Member of İSİB Board of Super- visors, who stated that the companies participating in the delegation and the South African sector representatives were quite satisfied with the organiza- tion. Mr. Savcı also underlined that also South African market is a difficult mar- ket in many respects, it is still worth fur- ther efforts considering the potentials it has. Taking into account the geopolitical strengths of South Africa, works carried out here will transcend the borders of South Africa, Mr. Savcı added. South Af- rica has commercial relations with most of Africa, and it could serve as a lever- age for entering other markets. Mr. Savcı also stated that the internal dynamics of a given country have a di- rect impact on trade, and that a com- mercial culture is recently taking roots in the country. The HVAC&R market is also very dynamic, with large portion of pro- duction and import of sectoral products: “Johannesburg is the commercial capi- tal of the country. The region in general is very dynamic. The Turkish HVAC sec- tor may benefit from the potential here. We have been informed that there have been more and more Chinese products in the region in recent years. There are also European made products. There are also some Turkish companies ex- porting to South Africa, yet it is way be- low the desired levels. Next year we will send another delegation to South Afri- ca, and we will also attend the country’s most effective HVAC&R fair which will be held in Johannesburg. We will continue to carefully and regularly work on this market, and we will establish new con- tacts every time we are here. We aim to reach a certain share in market follow- ing the fair in 2021. “USD 17 Mio worth of Export” Mr. Savcı stated that Turkish compa- nies completed exports to South Africa worth USD 17 million in 2018, with cool- ing equipment and instalment systems constituting the majority: “Our delega- tion has met their counterparts in B2B meetings. There is already a demand for our cooling equipment and instalment systems; and there was a renewed in- terest in the heating, insulation, venti- lation and air conditioning groups. Our goal is to take action according to the specific dynamics of the market, and in- crease our market share through regular communication with relevant stakehold- ers by means of trade delegations. We will continue to promote all of our secto- ral products, and secure a wide-reaching and permanent acknowledgement of the high-quality Turkish products.” HVAC&R Sector Targeting An Increase In Exports To Nigeria Turkish HVAC&R Exporters Association (İSİB) organized HVAC&R Promotion Days in Lagos, Nigeria on 16-17 Sep- tember. İSİB is working towards increasing the reputability of Turkish HVAC&R Sec- tor in the global market and increasing the sector’s exports. To this end, B2B meetings and seminars were organized in Nigeria. 14 HVAC&R Exporter Com- panies attended the program, which at- tracted widespread attention from Nige- rian firms. The delegation was chaired by Mr. Levent Aydın, Member of İSİB Board of Directors, who said that Nige- ria’s total HVAC&R products import vol- 36 2020