HVAC-R Turkey | 2020 Yearly Issue

in Egypt and that there is a great need for Turkish products in the country. With their European-standard quality, Turkish products are in great demand in Egypt. The close ties between the two coun- tries are also helpful. Our talks here with our Egyptian partners also yielded positive results. Turkish exporters must have a stronger presence in this market and must target long-term cooperations.” HVAC&R Exporters on The Doors of Peru- Colombia Turkish HVAC&R Exporters Associa- tion (İSİB) is continuing its activities to- wards exploring distant markets with a view to increasing exports and expand- ing the market which were initiated in 2018. In 2019, İSİB organized a secto- ral commercial delegation to Peru and Colombia in South America. The dele- gation composed of 22 members paid visits to Peru and Colombia on 21-28 April and conducted more than 200 B2B meetings with project firms and import- ers. The members stated that İSİB’s or- ganization was a great success, and that the meetings were productive and promising. Poland is The Next Stop for İSİB Trade Delegation Sectoral Trade Delegation to Poland, or- ganized by Turkish HVAC&R Exporters’ Association (İSİB), visited Poland on 7-10 May 2019. 19 Turkish firms took part in the organization. Ali Aktaş, İSİB Board Member and head of the delega- tion, said that: ‘’The B2B meetings were very successful.’’ He also added that: “Participants in the İSİB Trade Delega- tion carried out intensive and target-ori- ented B2B meetings. We are planning to continue with such meetings on a regu- lar basis in order to build upon the pos- itive atmosphere we have achieved in Poland. In addition to the companies, we also held meetings with Polish Ven- tilation Association and Poland-Turkey Chamber of Commerce, to discuss how we can improve the trade relations be- tween the two countries. In our talks with the Association of Turkish Busi- nesspeople in Poland, we have been in- formed that there is a continuous dip- lomatic relation between Turkey and Poland for long years, and therefore the Polish market is open for Turkish export- ers. In this regard, we have been told that all of our members who would like to export products to Poland will be ex- tensively supported.” Turkish HVAC&R Sector Sets Eyes on Ghanaian Market Turkish HVAC&R Exporters Association (İSİB) organized a HVAC&R Promotion Days in Ghana, a target market as part of the association’s attempts to wid- en the export market and set a higher standard. The 2-day event featured B2B meetings and promotional seminars on Turkish HVAC&R sectors covering as many as 19 topics. In total, 19 İSİB rep- resentatives took part in the event. The delegation was chaired by Mr. Levent Aydın, Member of the Board of Directors of İSİB. Mr. Aydın highlighted that Gha- naian business people and institutions have positive feelings about Turkey and Turkish products. Mr. Aydın stated that a total of 130 Ghanaian companies at- tended the B2B meetings organized as part of the 2-day event, and that the par- ticipation in the training seminars for 2 days was also high with 140 people at- tending the sessions on the first day and 120 on the second. İSİB on Path to Success in African Markets Turkish HVAC&R Exporters Association attended the Mega Clima 2019 Fair that was organized in Nigeria. The fair opened its doors for the third time this year and attracted 15 Turkish compa- nies. Mega Clima is an important gath- ering in Africa, and İSİB took the chance to attend the fair in line with its strate- gic targets of increasing the vİSİBility of Turkish HVAC&R sector in global mar- kets, increasing the competitiveness of the sector and expanding the export İSİB News 35 2020