HVAC-R Turkey | 2020 Yearly Issue

ir-conditioning Industry Exporters’ Association (İSİB) was founded to support Turkish air-condition- ing companies in their overseas activ- ities. In this respect, we support them in important international exhibitions in terms of İSİB stand, meeting and lounge areas and we help companies with no stands with opportunities so that they can have their face-to-face meetings. We have realized these in many coun- tries until now. Our Association intends to support the industrial development not only overseas but also inland, to open up the horizons and new export markets for our companies and to pro- mote exportation. In line with these ob- jectives and the needs and expectations of our members and the sector, we de- termine our road map and take action in unity and cooperation. Turkey as the Partner Country in Mostra Convegno Expocomfort Mosta Convegno Expocomfort (MCE) is one of the important exhibitions for our sector. Considering that we export to the European markets the most, MCE gains much more significance for us. Turkey has become the partner country for the exhibition organization in 2020. This position assigns important mis- sions to İSİB. We work in coordination with the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry at each stage of the Exhi- bition. Both İSİB and the Italian Cham- ber of Commerce and Industry offers support to participating companies in is- sues like registration, settlement, pay- ment, shipping, stand building and visa affairs. İSİB will have lounge areas in two different regions of the Exhibition. Turkish companies that do not have any stand in the Exhibition will have the opportunity to make face-to-face meet- ings in the lounge areas we have es- tablished for them. We see that there is a heavy demand for participation in the Exhibition, such that it exceeds be- yond the available space. In cooperation with the Italian Chamber of Commerce, we provide full support for granting Turk- ish companies priority in participation in the Exhibition. We are determined to ob- tain a total benefit by using the advan- tage of our good relationships with the organizer of the Exhibition. As we are the partner country of the Exhibition, we will have various promotional activities to effectively promote the vİSİBility of the Turkish Air-conditioning Sector. We will carry out intense promotional activ- ities to emphasize our sector in the Ex- hibition area. Besides, we will establish display points in critical places in the Ex- hibition area. We will organize a cocktail with the attendance of foreign purchas- ers. On the evening of the 2 nd day of the Exhibition, we will promote Turkey and the Turkish air-conditioning sector at the main entrance through a well-attended organization we are to carry out with the Exhibition company. Here, Turkish companies will find the chance to make face-to-face meetings with their foreign addressees. We will appear in the Ex- hibition as the full team. We are work- ing to offer the best and the most com- prehensive service to all our members, Turkish participants, and the visitors. We wish good luck to our sector with Mostra Convegno Expocomfort 2020. A We communicate information about our Chamber’s member companies special- ized in Shipping and Customs issues to participating companies. These are expe- rienced companies that have previously supported the Italian exhibition partici- pants in terms of shipping and customs issues. Besides, they will be provided with full support for fast and easy pro- curement of visas if MCE and BIE par- ticipants make their visa application through our Chamber. Within the frame- work of Turkey’s position as the “Partner Country”, companies to participate in MCE and BIE to be carried out from 17 th to 20 th March 2020 will be provided with special opportunities. Online and printed brochures, catalogs and manuals of the Exhibition as well as the special booklet to be prepared for the Partner Country concept will include advertising works. In the official catalog of the Exhibition, “Turkey Discover the Potential” logo will be available next to the name of each company participating from Turkey with the purpose to increase the vİSİBility of Turkish companies. Turkey will be adver- tised on billboards at several points in the Exhibition area and Turkey Lounge welcoming stand will be available at the exterior area of the Service Center. Be- sides, Turkey Lounge areas will be es- tablished in two halls, which could also be used as meeting areas by Turkish companies. There will be a cocktail or- ganization with the attendance of repre- sentatives of the industrial associations in Italy, press people, participating com- panies and high-quality purchasing com- panies to be invited from several coun- tries of the world. Mehmet Hakkı Şanal President of İSİB Board of Directors Mehmet Hakkı Şanal: “We offer all our resources to stand by our participants in MCE 2020” 33 2020 Interview