HVAC-R Turkey | 2020 Yearly Issue

SOSİAD Successfully Completed UNIDO Demonstration Project SOSİAD Explaines Real Alternatives 4 LIFE Project S OSİAD (Association of Refriger- ation Industry Businesspeople), supporting the fight against cli- mate change and the studies of the pro- ject entitled “Promotion and Pilot Activ- ities for Promoting Refrigerant Having Low Global Warming Potential (GWP) in the Republic of Turkey” and UNI- DO (United Nations Industrial Develop- ment Organization) Demonstration Pro- S OSİAD (Association of Refriger- ation Industry Businesspeople) held a press conference on the fight against global warming, where it in- troduced the “Real Alternatives 4 LIFE project” funded by the European Un- ion’s financing unit for environmental and climate issues. At the meeting held at Taksim Point Hotel on Monday, April 15, 2019, attention was paid to the re- sults of global warming and the works within the scope of the project were ex- plained in order to spread the “real al- ternatives” of refrigerant gases with high global warming potential, which are also used in cooling devices and air conditioners. Meeting started with the opening speech of Turgay Karakuş, SOSİAD Chairman of the Board repre- senting Turkey among the social part- ners of Alternatives 4 REAL LIFE project. Karakuş said in his speech: “Two-thirds of F-Gas emissions will be prevented in the EU by 2030. The European Un- ion has prepared many action plans to support global warming below 2°C, and supports many projects. One of them is Real Alternatives 4 LIFE”. Speaking to explain the purpose and process of Real Alternatives 4 LIFE Pro- ject, Dr. Kadir İsa said: “The first leg of the project was the online training plat- form, we translated this platform. The second leg of the project was training visits. In this context, four of our friends selected from SOSİAD member organi- zations are located in Belgium, Italy and Germany received training on service techniques suitable for CO 2 and hydro- carbon type refrigerants and certified as an authorized trainer. The third leg was the training program of educators. In this context, we have successfully com- pleted the training program of the train- ers at the Friterm Academy between 12- 14 March 2019, by completing all the physical and technical education infra- structure envisaged by the project cent- er IOR (Institute of Refrigeration). Real Alternatives 4 LIFE Project Coordinator Raluca Sisiu from IOR and Marino Bas- si from ATF Italian Refrigeration Techni- cians Association attended the program as observers. The results were so suc- cessful that the training we organized for the social partners of the project in their country was sent as a template.” Stating that the Real Alternatives 4 LIFE Project, which started in 2017, will end in 2020, İsa said: “With this project, it is planned to provide training to 228 thousand people across Europe. In ad- dition, it is aimed to the transition of the cooling industry to alternative and natural refrigerants with low global warming potential, intervention in sys- tems using the right techniques and providing suitable service methods for refrigerants called inlucing R32, CO 2 , ammonia, hydrofluoroolefin. Real Alter- natives 4 LIFE appeals to many coun- tries includingTurkey, such as Britain, It- aly, Portugal, Slovakia, Czech Republic, the Netherlands. The ultimate goal is to expand the project. SOSİAD, represent- ing the Turkey leg of the project, is de- fined as national lead (national leaders). Therefore, the training centers to be au- thorized must definitely pass through the filter of SOSİAD, be approved and notified to the project center IOR. The authorization process in Turkey on be- half of the project will be carried out by SOSİAD.” ject started with a meeting at And Plaza Workinton on May 6, 2019. The study can be summarized as changing the ex- isting refrigerants with environmentally friendly alternatives in three commercial cooling systems and evaluating the re- sults with tests and measurements, and sharing them effectively with end users and the sector. As the World Cooling Day of June 26 was celebrated for the first time this year, it was decid- ed to launch the project to the sector on this date and the project was presented to the press and sector rep- resentatives with a meeting and cocktail program held at İstanbul Point Hotel on June 26. Three regions, name- ly Sarıyer Market / Ferahev- ler, Sarıyer Market / Etiler and Çağrı Market / Fikirtepe, were determined for pilot ap- plications. Thematic meet- ings were also held for the project. The first of these meetings was held in Swis- sotel Büyük Efes İzmir on 5 November 2019, the second was held in JW Mar- riot Ankara on 26 November 2019, and the last meeting was held in Fairmont Quasar İstanbul on 17 December 2019. Kıvanç Aslantaş, SOSİAD Board Mem- ber and Demonstration Project Coordi- nator, was invited to Cape Town as a guest speaker by UNIDO and the Repub- lic of South Africa in order to set an ex- ample for the Demonstration Project to the Republic of South Africa. During the workshop held in Cape Town, Republic of South Africa on December 5-6, 2019, entitled “As part of the Kigali Change, while gradually reducing HFCs, evalua- tion of opportunities in order to increase awareness of alternative technologies with low GWP value and non-HFC, ener- gy efficiency and standards in the cool- ing sector”, SOSİAD explained the pro- cess and success of the project. 28 2020 News