HVAC-R Turkey | 2020 Yearly Issue

International Building Installation Technology Symposium will be Held in İstanbul in June 2020 T he 14 th International Building In- stallation Symposium will be held between 1-3 June 2020 in Marri- ott Hotel Asia İstanbul in cooperation with Universities, Industry, Public Insti- tutions and Non-Governmental Organ- izations. The symposium consists of an international conference and exhi- bition, which includes innovative tech- nologies and applications within the scope of HVAC. The main theme of the symposium was determined as “Flexi- ble HVAC Solutions for a More Sustain- able Future”. The symposium particu- larly focuses on areas related to the said Cx companies were less in Turkey. In the second part of the panel, in which Commissioning Perspective in Turkey was committed by employers, Hakan Güneri (MR Business Services Consult- ing), Burak Rıza Toraman (Renaissance Real Estate Investment) and Mert Ayışık (Eczacıbaşı Property Development and In- vestment) were joined as speakers. Walter Grondzik from ASHRAE attend- ed as a speaker to the last session held at the TTMD Commissioning Work- shop. Firstly summarizing the histori- cal process and developments related to ASHRAE’s Commissioning, Grondzik shared the Guideline books prepared, Cx applications in ordinary and high-per- formance buildings. Pointing out the im- portance of determining the requests of the owner and the commissioning of Cx as early as possible, Grondzik said other- wise, many processes could be skipped until the construction phase, and the team was needed seriously in the de- sign phase. After mentioning the bene- fits to be achieved with Cx, Grondzik in- formed the participants about the current status of the regulations and standards prepared by ASHRAE in America. Later in the workshop, the workshop participants divided into groups and worked on the Turkish terminology, dissemination, ten- der and implementation of the Commis- sioning concept. flexible use of energy-efficient system solutions through new generation HVAC technologies. The three-day TTMD Symposium will consist of the following 9 subheadings: 1. Micro-climate and building interaction 2. Outdoor and indoor environmental quality 3. Highly efficient building design that takes into account the climate 4. High efficiency system design ap- proaches. Successful examples 5. Flexible HVAC equipment and sys- tem solutions 6. Renewable energy applications 7. Modeling tools and simulation 8. Smart systems 9. Solar Decathlon competitions For more information: http://www.ttmd.org.tr/2020sempozyum/tr R&D Centers on the Cooling Industry in Turkey T he Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Industry and Technology has pub- lished Law No. 5746 on Support- ing Research, Development and Design Activities, to make the country economy internationally competitive through R&D and innovation in the private sector. In Turkey, the increase in the number of R&D centers that have been active in re- cent years has an evidential value that the companies verge more towards R&D to enhance their competitive powers. While the number of active R&D centers in 2015 was 232, this figure reached 900 in the year 2018. As of 2020, the current number of R&D centers is 1227. When we look at the sectoral distribution of R&D centers as of 2020; The IT sec- tor takes the lead with 191 R&D centers, including software (112), computer and communication technologies (79). While the IT sector is followed by machinery and equipment manufacturing with 179 R&D centers, the automotive supplier industry is in third place with 129 R&D centers. The fourth and fifth sectors are electric-electronic (78), textile (77). On a provincial basis, İstanbul is ranked first with 422 R&D centers, followed by Bursa (130), Kocaeli (125), Ankara (118) and İzmir (90) respectively. R&D Centers on the Cooling Industry in Turkey: Aera İklimlendirme R&D Center Alarko Carrier R&D Center Aldağ R&D Center Arçelik-LG Klima R&D Center Bosch Termoteknik R&D Center Can Klima R&D Center Cantek Soğutma R&D Center Daikin Isıtma ve Soğutma R&D Center DemirDöküm R&D Center Doğu İklimlendirme R&D Center Eneko R&D Center Friterm R&D Center İmbat R&D Center Mastaş R&D Center Radim Radyatör R&D Center Siemens R&D Center Systemair HSK R&D Center Tanpera A.Ş. R&D Center Uğur Soğutma R&D Center Üntes R&D Center Viessmann R&D Center 27 2020 News