HVAC-R Turkey | 2020 Yearly Issue

Commissioning was Discussed at the TTMD Workshop for First Time in Turkey T he traditional workshop, which is created by the Turkish Installa- tion Engineers Association (TTMD) and develops innovative contents eve- ry year and brings the industry together, was held in İstanbul Büyükada Anato- lian Club this year with the main theme of “Commissioning”on 15-16 November, 2019. To the workshop, organized by TTMD Commissioning Committee and for the first time with the subject of “Com- missioning”, TTMD Board members, in- vited speakers from abroad and from different disciplines, academics, engi- neers specialized in the field, architects, and many TTMD members were attended. Making the opening speech, TTMD Chair- man of the Board of Directors Dr. Kemal Gani Bayraktar told that TTMD Commis- sioning Committee and international as- sociations AICARR, ASHRAE, ISHRAE and REHVA gave support to the workshop. TTMD Commissioning Committee Chair- man Emre Özmen draw attention to the fact that a workshop with Commission- ing (Cx) theme were held for the first time in Turkey and this has historical impor- tance for our country. Özmen informed the participants about the purpose of the workshop and the cost / benefit analy- sis of the Cx process, by mentioning the scope and work of the TTMD Comission- ing Committee. Ubaldo Nocera from AICARR and Cormac Ryan from REHVA attended the session on Cx Approaches in the World on the first day. Ubaldo Nocera, after transfer- ring basic information and abbreviations related to Cx concept, informed the par- ticipants about the stages of Cx such as planning, pre-design, design, manufactur- ing, layout and operation. After defining Cx as a quality-oriented process in pro- ject delivery, Cormac Ryan touched upon COPILOT certification efforts and their as- sociation with TTMD. Ryan shared the benefits of Cx by explaining the techni- cal imaging and Full Cx certification pro- cesses. The second session on Cx Approach- es in the world was attended by Maija Virta from ISHRAE and Erick Melquiond from REHVA as speakers, while Stefan Plesser from REHVA held a live internet- based conference from Germany. Maija Virta described Cx as an endless life cy- cle project; after explaining the Cx stages and scenarios, ISHRAE shared informa- tion about the HVAC Guidebook content. Stefan Plesser, who made a presenta- tion by participating in the session with a live connection, said that much bet- ter buildings were built than the ones 40 years ago, but the buildings were be- low their technological potential. Erick Melquiond, pointing out being fast of Tur- key in construction sector and being on an ideal spot for improvement in terms of Cx, said that Cx in existing buildings for improvement would be more sensi- ble and cost-effective. Stating COPILOT works as a 3 rd party certification value to add value to projects, Melquiond said that they want to prepare several demo projects to be carried out in Turkey and to give training in the scope of coopera- tion with TTMD. To the Turkey Commissioning Perspec- tive Panel, held in the second day of TTMD Commissioning workshop, while İsmet Mura (Aktes Engineering Inc.) mod- erated the workshop, Cüneyt Mert (GEPA Group), Oğuzhan Ardıç (SALT ECC) and İlkin Sevigen (DİPM) were attended as speaker. Moderator İsmet Mura, by saying they wanted to give floor in the first panel to those who make Cx practices in Turkey and in the second panel to employers; he said he expects Cx concept in Turkey to become more clearly understood by our sector at the end of the workshop. Cüneyt Mert, the first panelist, pointed out that Cx actually covers all systems apart from the system that is spoken as HVAC and mechanical Cx, and that Cx is a structure where all disciplines work to- gether. Expressing that Cx company is not an auditor but a verifier, Mert em- phasized the system working correctly and the importance of making the right progress by placing the bricks on top of each other. Cüneyt Mert, stating Cx is mixed with many issues in Turkey, there- fore it needs to prepare a specification, stressed that we have the potential to do so and the need for the submission of the specification, prepared, to all parties concerned, including the public. Speaking at the panel, Oğuzhan Ardıç after saying he has worked in projects abroad for many years, stated that in- dependent organizations abroad did not come to today’s points in a short time and passed through certain stages. Not- ing that the biggest customers of these organizations are the government and that they do business with state-owned buildings, Ardıç said that it will be more easy to proceed if firstly the State adopts the Cx concept and including of Cx in the public specifications will also improve pri- vate sector. The third panelist İlkin Sevigen drew at- tention that she has worked in a large number of projects domestically and abroad, but in the past Cx from the spec- ifications in some projects of the public removed and therefore an important op- potunity wasn’t be evaluated years ago. Saying at that moment some documents need to be translated into Turkish and thereby the needs of the project owner (OPR) will be understood easily, Sevigen 26 2020 News