HVAC-R Turkey | 2020 Yearly Issue

T urkey was achieved to be second in the world in the “World’s Larg- est 250 International Contractors” list. Turkey maintained the position be- hind China between 1044 firms in the list, based on the turnover of compa- nies obtained from projects carried out in the previous year and prepared by the ENR magazine, which is accepted as reference in the world. To the cere- mony held by the Turkey Association of Contractors in Ankara to celebrate the international success of the construc- tion industry, the Vice President Fuat Oktay, Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan, ambassadors, bureaucrats, civil society and private sector representatives have joined. In the ceremony, the awards of the last three years, which included 53 Turkish contractors, were given. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who could not attend the ceremony due to his abroad visit, sent a congratulato- ry message to Turkish contractors on this honor day of the industry. Erdoğan stated in his message that “We will give you, my brothers, every support be- cause of raising Turkey’s brand value”. Vice President Fuat Oktay, giving indi- vidual achievement plaque to all con- tractors, having contribution in the glob- al success, said in his speech at the ceremony that Turkish contractors add strength of the country’s power. Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan start- ed his speech by stating that the Turk- ish construction industry is leading the world contracting market, work- ing in 126 different countries from the steppes of Central Asia to the deserts of Sub-Saharan Africa. Pekcan, explan- ining that they carry out a comprehen- sive economic program aiming Turkey’s being among “the world’s largest 10 economies”, stressed that they are de- termined to make necessary arrange- ment to reach higher levels in the sec- tor, especially overseas project. Pekcan noted that the total amount of nearly 10,000 projects undertaken as of the end of November 2019 in the sector’s 48-year international adventure reached 394.8 billion dollars, and the 400 bil- lion dollar threshold will be exceeded very soon. Turkey Contractors Association (TMB) President Mithat Yenigün, in his speech at the ceremony, said that Turkish con- tractors undertake projects at the level of $ 30 billion annually and their goal is to increase the share of 4.6 percent received from the global construction market to 7 percent in the medium term with more companies. Turkey Preserves it Second Place in the list of “The Top 250 International Contractors” I SKAV has joined with PRODBIM, a sub- sidiary of Eurovent Services Company, on BIM (Building Information Mode- ling), which will play a major role in the digitization of the HVAC & R industry. Since ISKAV has been assigned to work on the subject in the air-conditioning sector, efforts to establish the ISKAV BIM Center have accelerated. PRODBIM officials closely monitored the work of the BIM Commission established with- in ISKAV, and finally a partnership pro- posal came from them. Evaluating the issue, the foundation management de- cided to become a partner to the PROD- BIM project by taking the opinion of the commission. By coming to the aggree- ment as a result of the negotiations held, this big step was taken, which will be closely related to the air conditioning sector with the signature ceremony held in Büyükada on Friday, November 15, 2019. To the Ceremony, ISKAV Chair- man Taner Yönet, previous term founda- tion chairman and board member Metin Duruk, Secretary General of the Founda- ISKAV Joins PRODBIM tion and BIM Com- mission Chairman Cem Savcı, Foun- dation Manager Elif Akmehmet, PROD- BIM Chairman Erick Melquiond, Eurovent Certificaiton Compa- ny Representative and Regulatory Af- fairs Manager Hü- seyin Yüksel have joined. As a result of the signing by ISKAV Cha i rman Tane r Yönet and PROD- BIM President Erick Melquiond, the Turk- ish air conditioning sector has been in- cluded in the PROD- BIM system. Taner Yönet wished that this initiative, which will provide an im- portant added value to the export mobili- zation of the sector, will be beneficial to the whole sector. Erick Melquiond also stated that they were happy to see on their side an important value such as Turkey, in PRODBIM system which will have access to a wide area, especially in Europe and all over the world. 24 2020 News