HVAC-R Turkey | 2020 Yearly Issue

NIBE Industrier Acquires 50 Percent of Shares in Üntes Daikin Turkey Raised Its Capital to 1 Billion 100 Million TL by Increasing It 950 Million TL S wedish NIBE Industrier AB bought 50% of shares of Üntes, which is one of Turkey’s leading manufac- turer of ventilation and air conditioning equipment for commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings. NIBE has also concluded an agreement to acquire the remaining 50% of the shares lat- er than 2024 according to the informa- tion on the official site of NIBE Industri- er AB. Üntes, established in 1968, has more than 300 employees and manu- factures on an area of 115 thousand square meters in its facilities in Anka- ra. Thanks to its comprehensive range of products, Üntes has a strong market position in Turkey, but it also has con- siderable export sales. For many years, Üntes has had a very good working re- lationship with Rhoss, NIBE’s Italian D aikin Turkey, signing a huge suc- cess as a direct investor by show- ing growth of 8,5 times since 2011, in which started to operate in Turkey, continues to expand its invest- ment and activities by increasing its cap- ital by 950 million TL. Daikin Turkey, in- vesting 300 million TL for factory and R & D Center in Turkey since 2014, with this capital increase, for Turkey, the Eu- ropean and CIS countries markets, will continue to be sector leader by manu- facturing new products according to the needs of the market and strengthen- ing its hand. Daikin Turkey CEO Hasan Önder, evaluating the decision on capi- tal increase and the works of Daikin at a press conference held at the Air Con- ditioning Technology Experience Center on 24 September, gave the following in- formation about the matter, “As the dy- namics and technologies in the industry evolves, we also continue to expand our heating and cooling product range suit- able to the Turkey market and CIS coun- tries and to focus on our factory invest- ments. We also plan to strengthen our channel structure in Turkey. According to the 2018 İSİB data, we broke a record in split air conditioner exports and became the first in a row for 2 consecutive years. Reserving our capital to perform our channel development and investment plans, we will continue to contribute to Turkey’s economy and employment. Our target for 2020 is to increase our turn- over to 3 billion TL and to increase the number of our employees to 500 peo- ple. At the same time, we will establish 3 lines with our production investments. Our aim in 2020, as Daikin Turkey, is to achieve exports of $ 220 million”. ventilation and air conditioning com- pany. Üntes and Rhoss have also pro- duced chillers under a joint venture in Turkey since 2012. Consolidation with NIBE is expected to be as from 1 Jan- uary 2020. The Viessmann Group Celebrates its 25 th Anniversary in Turkey T he Viessmann Group celebrated the 25th anniversary of the start of its operations in Turkey on Novem- ber 7, 2019 with an organization carried out at the Four Seasons Bosphorus Ho- tel. Speaking at the press conference held at the Four Seasons Bosphorus Ho- tel on Friday, November 8, 2019 on the occasion of its 25th anniversary, Max- imilian Viessmann, Viessmann Group CEO and 4th generation representative of the founding family, said that they are proud to be a part of the Turkish society and economy for a quarter century. Maxi- milian Viessmann stated that Turkey has strategic importance for the future of the company as both manufacturing and consumption markets. Maximilian Viess- mann, stating that the world is changing more and more and this is especially no- ticeable with climate change, stated that as a company that takes responsibility for the future of the world, they have re- defined their goals as “designing living spaces for future generations” and each of the 12 thousand people, belongs to the Viessmann family, dedicated himself to this issue. Indicating that 25 year in Turkey is only a beginning,”As Turkey or- ganization and Viessmann family, we will create value and continue to invest in Turkey with a deep commitment,” said Maximilian Viessman. Viessmann Inc. General Manager Dr. Celalettin Çelik stated that they aim for double digit growth in 2020. 22 2020 News