HVAC-R Turkey | 2020 Yearly Issue

S uper Liquid Thermal Insulation Materials, discovered by NASA in 1990 during the space shut- tle works and transferred to the in- dustry, were brought to Turkey with BRONYA brand and offered to the cur- rent use and sales by LUFTSIS Inc. Mak- ing a statement on the matter, LUFT- SIS Inc. General Manager Uğur Darcan said, “We have worked on Super Liquid Thermal Insulation Materials for a year. These revolutionary products are the 3 rd generation. BRONYA products that will break new ground in the insulation sector are an alternative to all known and used thermal insulation products. We believe that our professional series BRONYA products will make a difference mainly in the installation and construc- tion sectors and industrial applications, and will be widely used especially due to ease of application. We will make the market presentation of the products at competitive prices compared to the initial investment and application total costs. Our product groups are TUV SUD labo- ratory test certified according to EN 825 and EN 15824 Standards. Profession- al series has been developed in accord- ance with the purpose of maximum heat insulation. It is a product that completely separates from additive paints and plas- ters marketed with the definition of heat and thermal insulation in the sector with its low thermal conductivity value.”. BRONYA in Turkey, with LUFTSIS Inc. B osch Thermotechnology invested 40 million TL in the Logistics Cent- er, is 13 thousand 700 m 2 which is newly opened within the Manisa Fac- tory. Thermotechnology business sec- tor of the Bosch Group, emphasizes that Turkey is an important market and cent- er of expertise with this investment. The new Logistics Center, which opened on May 22, 2019, unites the logistics pro- cesses of Bosch Thermotechnic by gath- ering all the flow of value from supply to customers under one roof. The process- es of products’ receipt, storage, produc- tion feeding and shipping to customers become hundred percent traceable with Industry 4.0 applications. In all shipment planning and material movements in the D İD-Earthquake Isolation Associ- ation, leading NGO of the earth- quake isolation in Turkey, has signed a cooperation protocol with the Italian Earthquake Engineers Associ- ation-ISI. TTMD Chairman Dr. Cüneyt Tüzün emphasizes that with this initia- tive, it will be carried out activities that will contribute greatly to both countries in the activities of Turkish and Italian earthquake engineers around the Med- iterranean. Logistics Center; solutions are provided using modern technologies such as bar- code readers, RFID and ramp method. Activities on the system can be viewed on the screens in real time. Bosch Ther- motechnology Turkey Commercial Affairs Director General Akın Kazak said that, “Our company bears the responsibility for shipping to over 40 countries espe- cially Europe and Britain alongside Turkey and countries in the region. This respon- sibility reflects the confidence to Turkey of Bosch center and great potential. We support our strategic position with invest- ments and we are strengthening our In- novation Center investment opened in December 2016 with our Logistics Cent- er this year.” 40 Million TL Investment by Bosch Thermotechnics Cooperation between Turkish-Italian Earthquake Engineers 18 2020 News