HVAC-R Turkey | 2020 Yearly Issue

Fantilatör Becomes Representative of VTS of Air Curtain and Air Heaters F antilatör Ventilation and Air Condi- tioning Industry Trade Inc., as of 20.09.2019, has agreed to put the products of VTS company on the market. In accordance with agreements made with Polish firm and partners, the task of distribution was given to Fanti- latör firm in this particular product in or- der to eliminate the market deficit in air conditioning and ventilation industry in Turkey. Mustafa Kunt, one of the part- ners of Fantilator firm, stated that they were extremely satisfied with the aggre- ment with the VTS Group, one of the leading companies in the ventilation and air conditioning industry in Europe, and they believe electric heated air cur- tains with EC motor fans will bring a new breath to the market. Ayvaz Receives its Certificate from ASME BSRIA Gives Presentation at ISK SODEX A yvaz took another step to move its brand further on a global scale. The company received the “ASME” certificate from the Ameri- can Mechanical Engineers Association, which sets the standards that are ac- cepted worldwide in the power cycle Ş aziye Dickson, Global Research Manager at BSRIA gave a presenta- tion at the ISK-SODEX 2019.  She highlighted the growing demand on cool- ing and how Western European coun- tries, especially from the northern region are increasingly becoming residential air conditioning markets. The growing pressure on the use of low GWP refrig- erants make suppliers think more about their systems’ design and push towards more for the hybrid approach. Currently, most splits and VRF systems are adopt- ing R32 refrigerants, which has mildly flammable properties. On the heating markets, the world’s biggest heating region by value, Europe, experienced a rather mixed picture: Eastern European countries are shifting towards condens- ing wall-hung boilers compared to West- ern European countries where most of the market already condensing boilers following the ErP directive. Turkey al- though not within the EU area follows EU legislations closely. Turkey imple- mented the ErP legislation in September 2018. In Eastern Europe, Russia and Ukraine are exempt from the ErP regu- lations, despite this 33% growth of wall hung condensing boilers in Eastern Eu- rope is recorded at the expense of wall hung non-condensing. The European Heat Pump market increased sharply. In fact, it is projected to double from 2014 to 2020, and this is despite a sluggish construction industry and lot of political uncertainties in number of countries, including Brexit in the UK. Heat pumps sold Western and Eastern Europe with growth rates of 28% and 12% respec- tively to the previous year. BSRIA was in- vited by the Turkish Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Manufacturers Associa- tion (ISKID) to increase collaboration be- tween the two organisations. The Turk- ish HVAC-R Exporters Association (İSİB) has announced that the industry has reached its highest point ever in terms of exports volume in 2018 with an in- crease of 15% and has reached USD 4.5 billion. The top five export destina- tions for the Turkish HVAC-R companies were listed as Germany, the United King- dom, Italy, France and Spain. İSKİD and İSİB management have reported that their new focus is on Africa and South America where BSRIA has recently pub- lished a number of studies. and energy sector. Making a state- ment on the matter, Ayvaz Chief Execu- tive Officer Serhan Alpagut said that as a company, they planned to move to- wards bigger targets in the energy sec- tor with ASME certification. Ayvaz Pro- ject Manager Abdülkadir Okumuş, who has been closely fol- lowing the ASME pro- cess since the be- ginning, said, “The compensator, the steam trap or the flexible metal hose does no t ma t t e r . With this certificate, we have document- ed Ayvaz’s ability to produce in accord- ance with American standards. We will now work for larger projects.”. 17 2020 News