HVAC-R Turkey | 2020 Yearly Issue

E urovent Summit, Europe’s HVACR flagship event, will take place on September 22-25, 2020 in Antalya. The main theme of the up- coming summit meeting that will deal with “Indoor Climate, Process Cooling and Food Cold Chain Technologies” is “Building Bridges”. 2020 Eurovent Summit’s focus; bringing manufactur- ers, consultants, planners, installers, trade associations and politicians to- gether in Europe, the East and beyond, with more sustainable products, a more social and environmentally responsible industry. Organizers also place great value on innovation by providing man- ufacturers with space to showcase their latest products in the conference space. Eurovent President Naci Şahin said, “Being able to open our doors to the next summit is an honor for me and our entire HVACR sector. Consid- ering the current international business developments, establishing a strong cooperation between Europe and the East, develop our industry, provide equal opportunities at the global level to promote the latest technologies and eliminate trade barriers. It is promised that 2020 Eurovent Sum- mit will bring together those who want to establish new connections in the sector, regulators, standardization and certification authorities. It is underlined that those who want to keep up with technological developments should not miss the event. For the 2020 Eu- rovent Summit event, you can follow the #BuildingBridges tag, find the lat- est updates from the website address www.eurovent-summit.eu and Linked- In accounts. Factory Investment from Termofan to Uzbekistan A dding a new one to its invest- ments, Termofan started produc- tion in October by building a facil- ity, having a 1500 square meter indoor and 4000 square meters open area, in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, with its own resources. Emre Kandemir, the Founding Partner of Termofan, stat- ed that, “We have 32 production per- sonnel with 2 engineers, 4 technicians and 26 blue collar employees in our new production facility. Manufacturing of air handling units, heat recovery de- vices, fans, pool dehumidification plants of all products manufactured in Turkey factory, are carried out in our Uzbeki- stan factory. With our entire product group and Ter- mofan assurance, we aim to meet the demands in the region more quickly. With the slogan of ‘Quality excellent service, advanced technological solu- tions’, we continue our way in interna- tional markets and call it ‘Termofan for Every Space’. ” TÜYAK 2019 International Fire and Security Symposium was Held Eurovent Summit, 22-25 September 2020 in Antalya in Turkey T he sixth of the “International Fire and Security Symposium and Exhi- bition” organized by Turkey Asso- ciation of Fire Protection and Conserva- tion Foundation from Fire (TÜYAK) was held at the Convention Center Lutfi Kird- ar on 4-5 December 2019. In the sym- posium and exhibition that continued for two days, new devices that detect, stim- ulate and provide solutions against fire, sabotage, earthquake, work accidents, environmental risks are introduced, de- velopments and design principles in pro- tection and prevention systems in ac- cordance with today’s technology are explained. TÜYAK Honorary President, TÜYAK 2019 Fire and Security Sympo- sium and Exhibition Executive Commit- tee Chairman Dr. Abdurrahman Kılıç, in his speech at the opening of the sym- posium, “The aim of the symposium is to increase the sharing of information among the employees on fire safety, to ensure that the employees in the indus- try meet each other, to discuss the re- sults of the research, and to transfer the applications with new papers. Rap- id and effective intervention is required to prevent disasters and reduce their damages. For this, technological de- velopments and education are need- ed. Symposiums have a great role in the provision of education. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all the friends who took part in the organiza- tion, the consultants who gave their opinions and especially the paper own- ers” said. 16 2020 News