HVAC-R Turkey | 2020 Yearly Issue

ODE is among the Top Three Companies in Installation Insulation in Europe I n installation insulation in Turkey, ODE, which produces the three prod- uct groups consisting of glass wool, rock wool and elastomeric rubber foam, is among the three largest compa- nies engaged in manufacturing in all of these product groups in Europe. ODE Sales and Marketing Assistant Gener- al Manager Erhan Özdemir, who said that they met with their buyers at home and abroad with Starflex, Rockflex and R-Flex brands in installation insulation, noted that they strengthened their posi- tion in this field with the latest products they put on the market. Özdemir em- phasized that installation insulation is an area where they constantly feed and care about new products and production processes with investment. He remind- ed that, as ODE, they met with their cli- ents at home and abroad, Starflex in glass wool, Rockflex in stone wool and R-Flex in elastomeric rubber foam. Em- phasizing that they have very serious targets and growth plans in installation insulation, Özdemir said that “We sup- port these plans continuously in terms of both product and sales activities. As a company that takes its driving force in growth from R&D, we continue our activ- ities in this area without slowing down”. Eurovent Association Sets Its Route for the Future in Braga T he 62 nd annual Ordinary Gener- al Assembly meeting of Eurovent Association was held on 24 May 2019 in Braga, Portugal. At the event hosted by EFRIARC (Portuguese Asso- ciation of Refrigeration and Air Condi- tioning Engineers), Eurovent Board and Commission meetings were held on Thursday, May 23, before the Gener- al Assembly. At the General Assembly, Naci Şahin was elected as the Chair- man of the Board of Directors for the second term and a new membership structure was adopted by taking an im- portant step for the association. Luca Binaghi (Sabiana, Italy), who is elect- ed as the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, will support Naci Şahin. Many new names have joined the mem- bers of the Board of Directors. The new membership structure that will ensure long-term sustainability of Eurovent will come into effect on January 1, 2020. With this reform, each producer can be- come the Corresponding Member of the association and gain some special ad- vantages that “Affiliate Manufacturers” have not been yet able to achieve. Af- ter the General Assembly, Naci Şahin, who was re-elected as Eurovent Pres- ident, said: “Today is a historical day for the Eurovent Association and an im- portant step in the further development of our association. After a long evolu- tionary period, we have approved a new membership structure here in Braga. We expanded, renewed and diversified our Board of Directors. We have taken decisive steps to strengthen the Union and voice of the European HVACR in- dustry internationally. I look forward to representing our European industry ide- als while strengthening global partner- ships with my Board members. ” The next General Assembly will be held in Hamburg (Germany) between 27-29 May 2020, hosted by Eurovent’s German Member Association VDMA. 14 2020 News