HVAC-R Turkey | 2020 Yearly Issue

Friterm Signed Partnership Agreement with Hamon D’Hondt R eceiving an export award in 2018 with its finned tube heat exchang- er product range, Friterm is ex- panding the export market. A compre- hensive partnership agreement with Hamon D’Hondt was signed at the Frit- erm Tuzla Head Office on Tuesday, Feb- ruary 26, 2019, based on reaching to the customer of the engineering solu- tions of high-quality products for air con- ditioning, together with power plants, data centers, renewable energy and pro- cess cooling area. Thanks to this coop- eration, which is suitable for medium and long term strategies for both par- ties, it is aimed to reach more custom- ers and complete projects that require high experience. Form Group of Companies and Lennox will Make Production in Izmir F orm Group of Companies moves its cooperation with Lennox since 1983 one step further and commences domestic production. A special produc- tion line started to operate for the pro- duction of Lennox products in the Form Group of Companies factory located in Izmir Pancar Organized Industrial Zone with an investment of 2 million TL. In this line, the devices that will be produced under the license with the original Len- nox brand will be labeled as “Made in Turkey by Form under license of Lennox”. Form aims to double the production ca- pacity of Lennox branded products by 2020. In the factory, start- e d s e r v i c e in 2015 and which consists of a closed area of 20,000 m 2 and an open area of 11,000 m 2 in the first stage Lennox branded rooftop devices will be produced at capacities above 80 kW. Form Group of Companies, which rep- resent Lennox for 36 years as the only authorized representative in Turkey, will also begin producing at capacities under 80 kW from 2020 under this investment. All components to be used on the devic- es will be the parts approved by Lennox. In this way, all international certificates including Eurovent performance certifi- cate will be valid for devices produced in Form facilities. In the ongoing process, it is aimed to add more Turkish-made com- ponents to the process with the approval of Lennox and even export these compo- nents to other Lennox production facili- ties abroad. U lus Yapı, which represents British Gripple and Acrefine brands for a pe- riod of nearly 15 years in Turkey, has concluded an aggreement on a much wider geography as the only authorized dealer of these companies. Under the agreement, all of the Middle East, North Af- rica and Caucasus countries were included in the region of Ulus Yapı. Ulus Yapı, having the authority to manufacture Acrefine and Gripple branded products, makes a great contribution to close the current deficit of our country by moving this ad- vantage, provided with domestic production, far beyond Tur- key. The fact that Turkish contractors are signing great pro- jects in a wide range of fields around the world and prefer to work with Turkish suppliers in these projects increases the efficiency of Ulus Yapı in global markets. Acrefine and Gripple Consigned MENA and the Caucasus Regions to Ulus Yapı 8 2020 News